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Parts of a Research Paper


Research papers can be divided into 8 common parts:

  1. The Title
    The title is considered to be the most important part of any research papers because it contains the topic on which you want to research. The title of research papers should be such that you can create an argument on that topic and possibly prove your research correct with the help of many statistics and comparisons in the research. It should not only contain the title of the research but also the name of the researcher, the date of submission, school and department of the subject in which the research is been done.
  2. The Introductory Section
    The introductory statement or the introduction in research papers is important because this is the place where the topic needs to be presented first and also a small description should be given to explain the issue of the topic chosen for research. The introductory statement includes a brief description on the topic and should be presented in such a way that it creates a motivational background about the topic. it should give a complete overview on the topic and should not be very big.
  3. The thesis statement
    The thesis statement should be made to look clear and convincing. There can be chances that the examiner could ask you to separately prepare a thesis or issue of the research apart from the introductory statements in the research papers. This should not necessarily be very significant but should be able to convince the readers.
  4. The literature overview
    This is the place where a person needs to show the depth of the research and present all the information to be mentioned in the research papers. All the database of the research needs to be mentioned in this section of research papers. This section needs to give its best as this is where the deep inside research can be seen.
  5. The methodology section
    Answers to the questions about the approaches towards study of the topic, the tools fitting in to the research and what kind of tool was chosen to go to the depth of the topic should be mentioned in this section.
  6. The Analysis
    The aim of this section is to analyze the outcome of the research and explain it to the examiner.
  7. The Conclusive Section
    The research should be concluded by summarizing the results of the research and relating them t the thesis and finish by giving the final statement to the research.
  8. The Bibliography or Reference Lists
    This consists of the references used by you to finish the research.
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