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Five Commandments of Writing Research Paper – Writing Ethics


There is five rules in the commandments.

Firstly we need to identify a topic for the research paper. All we need to do is a general reading in the relevant field, if there is nothing else that could help. The next step we should do is looking up at Encyclopedia Britannica to help you identify the study topic even better.

The second rule is to think of a clear analysis question for your research paper that will help you to branch out even more ideas and facts that might not come across your mind in general.

The third rule is doing a real study for your research paper, it means utilizing your primary resource that is mostly tangible and extracted directly from the root of that field. For instance, if you are doing a research on a scientific subject perhaps by using a recorded tape by a famous scientist will be your primary source for your research paper.

The fourth rule is to create an argument in your analysis paper, your argument must be valid in the sense that it must be backed by solid fact and resource that is true.

Lastly, write out your research paper well in the sense that it must be presented well in your own manner.

Saving up the time

Many students would consider to buy a research paper instead of going through all this. If they choose to buy a research paper rather than doing everything on their own, it would help them save up some time and difficulty in writing a research paper. It is not wrong to buy a research paper, it solely depends on the restriction of the university. Certain university seemed to be lenient enough to allow student to buy a research paper. While some university would prefer them doing by themselves rather than choosing to buy a research paper.

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