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Essay vs. Research Paper

Essays are very concise all student encounters for sure during his life. When we are young we were taught by our teachers to keep our essay based on five paragraphs not too long in order to keep their students focused on their topics. Essays are based on paragraphs. In the beginning of paragraph this is the introduction stage introduction of the topic is given the beginning after introduction you discuss the main idea of the topic. Once you discussed your introduction and main idea now you have to conclude with the main points you discussed in your easy. Conclusion is just like a recap of what you have discussed.

Research Paper

Research papers are longer if we compare to essays. Research paper is a good and a healthy way for a student to explore and discover new and to polish his/her knowledge. In research papers we usually discuss our topic in great details. This is not the summary of what we have learned.

The main difference between a research paper and essay is that essay is concise and research paper is all about understanding, and explaining of a writer. In writing a paper writer is free to express his thoughts and ideas. What are facts attached and perceptions a writer holds related to the topics. Research paper requires point of views to prove what a person is saying is correct or not. Whereas an essay is depends on one’s own experience. It is not hard for a person to write an essay because essay is comparatively easy to write but it is far more difficult to a write a research paper as it is longer. It wants you think beyond bring something new and interesting.

Types Of Research Paper And Essay

There are many types of essays it could be descriptive, persuasive. In descriptive you give importance to each and every thing even small you discuss in a way that creates a mental image in the minds of readers. In persuasive you discuss your own point of view. Like essays, research papers have some types argumentative and analytical. In argumentative you take any topic to argue like if anything is wrong and what is the reason. You go for the controversial topic in argumentative. While in analytical writer ask and explore for a topic for which he has no opinions.